Halloween Publix Weekly Ads & Coupons

Halloween is right around the corner and this weeks Publix weekly ads and coupons has great savings for candies that include the Nestle’s chocolates 100 piece bag.  Buy one and get the other for free.  That is a savings of $9.99.  Plenty of treats for the trick or treater’s and yourself.  Get a sample of some of the free online coupons that you can use at Publix or your other favorite supermarket.  Although, if you shop at Publix and you landed on this page, I know that you feel the way I do.  There is no other supermarket for me.  Get your free online coupon and start shopping.

My grandmother and mother always scolded me for not using coupons, boy if they were around during this incredible era of the printable online coupons.  They would have used so many of these and saved so much.  Back then they were always looking for any grocery store that was offering double coupons.  No more double coupons.  But nonetheless with the Publix coupon you can save at least $5.00 for every purchase of $30.00 or above.  Lets take a look at some of the savings offered this Halloween week from Publix.  You can find these right in the Publix weekly ad.

Not so scary Publix Weekly Ads

  1. Pepperidge Farms garlic toast (buy one get one free)
  2. Nestle’s 100 piece chocolate (buy one get one free, a savings of $9.99)
  3. Publix Bacon hickory or sugar glazed (the same)
  4. Hostess Twinkies/Cup cakes (two for $6.00)
  5. Capri Sun Natural juices -Lemonade and other flavors ($1.79)
  6. Publix American cheese – deli  ($4.99 lb)
  7. Purina One cat food 3.5 lb bags (2 for $9.99)
  8. Zephyr-hills water 24 count (3.99)
  9. Armour lunchables ham, turkey, and bologna w/cheese (3 for $4.00)
  10. Welch’s assorted juices, Grape, Strawberry, Fruit punch (2 for $4.00)

Although the days of double coupons are gone like our past family members used to get buy with.  Now there are other forms of saving money.  With the Publix weekly ads and the Publix coupons combined there is more money to be saved.  If the coupons from your local supermarket are not available when you need them, just check the Internet as the amount of printable online coupons is always on the rise.  Most of the savings that we use today come in the way of coupons as they have really taken over the way we do shop.  Free online coupons are available from many different companies and over the next few months I will be providing you with many of the finest online coupons for you to use in supermarkets like Publix, Winn Dixie, and many others.  Get your online coupon today!

Publix Weekly Ads And Online Coupons!

With Publix weekly ads and a host of online printable coupons for groceries that I will provide you with, one thing is certain, you “WILL” save money!  If you live in the United States then you know how important this to your family and your home income.  This slow moving recession, has most of everyone counting pennies, me included.  That is why I check the Publix weekly ad and make purchases that are smart and guided by the hand of the supermarket that I trust most, Publix.  If you need instant savings with online printable coupons, then search the web no more, here they are just for you but you have to hurry because they will not last long…here I provide you with a host of Free online coupons.

What is so special about the Publix weekly ad?  Well most large supermarkets do a fine job at marketing a special weekly ad to entice grocery shoppers like you and me into visiting their supermarket and making your weekly purchases that we can use.  What separates Publix from say the Winn Dixie weekly ad, is the fact that I believe many of their products are superior to that of the Winn Dixie supermarkets, or say the Kroger supermarkets or even the Piggly-Wiggly supermarket, which is very popular in the deep south.

Many of the different products that Publix sells, like the Boar’s Head deli variety of lunch meats and cheeses you cannot get Publix coupons for, but with the Publix weekly ad you can be sure that at least (4) four of these products will be previewed in a weekly sale and they are rotated.  This occurs each and every week.  So Publix coupon or not, you are guaranteed to find a special that is going to save you money.  Now here is where the online printable coupons come in and also you might feel the need to visit some of the larger consumer based companies and their very own web pages, because many of the time manufacturer coupons are the very best savings regardless of the supermarket that you choose to visit that week.  So here are online printable coupons that will make your next visit to Publix put more money in your pocket.  Enjoy!

Publix Coupons Versus Winn Dixie Coupons!

In my opinion the Publix coupon, and all of their weekly ad specials  are the single best option for online coupon seekers on the Internet.  What is  available for consumers here are some of the best prices around that any of the giant supermarket chains to include; Winn Dixie, Krogers, Albertson’s, X-TRA Supermarkets, Targets, and Walmart Superstores can offer and match.  You can begin getting your online coupons from the best company out there right here! Check these printable online coupons out!

These coupons are good for use with any of the major leading supermarket chains available in your neck of the woods.  So let’s compare the Publix coupon with the rewards program that Winn Dixie coupons and programs offers.  Not to mention they also have the Winn Dixie weekly ad program which is highly competitive with just about any other program, and is very similar in nature to the Publix weekly ads .

The Winn Dixie rewards program appears to be the better program, and the main reason is that now they reward their customers for using the card and buying their groceries at Winn Dixie with something that the public so desperately needs, a reduced fuel rate!  Their reward cards offer customers a reduced rate at the old gas pump, a savings in gasoline is just what many of these loyal customers want and need. This has peaked a recent interest for the those loyal customers to Winn Dixie, and gives them a reward that they really can use.  These programs cater to different people, as you can see and although not all of the customers drive, one thing is for certain, they all need to eat and they have plenty of reductions to the quality food that this supermarket sell, in addition to plenty of buy one get one free deals.

The Publix rewards program on the other hand is not something that you need a card for, and features many buy one get one free articles that are released in their Publix weekly ads.  They also have the Publix Baby Club program which helps out expecting mothers with many discounted products from milk, pampers, to baby food.   Also no card necessary, but you do need to fill out the first time application, which is brief and simple to fill out.  Also simple to get are these online printable coupons!