Gas Cards Are Now $10.00 Off @ Publix

The prices of gasoline are still dropping, but that certainly does not mean that you cannot even same more at the pump with the ongoing savings that Publix offers at the pump. Right now you can get a $10.00 savings @ Publix by purchasing a $50.00 gas gift card for just $40.00 with a $50.00 purchase at your local Publix. Below is how it works…

$10 off gas cards at Publix some of the gas cards on sale at Publix are Shell and a few others fueling stops, this deals goes through Sunday that is when the next flyer comes out. I love shopping at Publix. They have really made a push to be tops in the BOGO category. I seldom find less than 5 or 6 BOGO’s that I can really use. I hope you too are taking advantage of these, and using them with in-store Publix coupons.

Save $10 on $50 gas cards with a $50 grocery purchase.

The coupon for the popular offer is on the cover of this week’s circular. In addition you can print one from the link at the bottom of the post or grab a circular as you enter the store. Remember that fuel prices have fallen well below $3, so you can compound your savings on fuel with this Publix coupon. Free Savings Link!

Publix Coupons And Rewards For Your Pet

I never felt so good about any company in their way of providing us with a good amount of relevant coupons as I do with the Publix coupons.  I have always received a good variety of the Publix coupon at home.  Now however, they have taken it one step further.  Knowing what dogs mean to people in their lives and as part of our families…Publix has now extended the coupons to include pets with their new Publix pet program which launched some time ago.  This allows us to earn more savings on our pets and their supplies. Getting online coupon savings never was easier.  Get your free online coupons today.

 So now, by simply signing into the new program you can save plenty of money on all of your pet supplies at Publix.  You can have the coupons and special savings emailed right to your computer, removing many time saving steps in order to facilitate savings.  It’s a rewards program that works as easy as 1,2,3.  All you have to do is sign into and visit the pets area and you will soon be saving money on all of your pet supplies.  Everything from cat food, to dog food, to bird food.  Did you know that Publix stocks up a full isle dedicated to your pet?

I’m going to list some of the items that I get each and every week from Publix inside their pet isle.  So now of course I am much happier that the coupons will be more plentiful and more directed towards are pets, which in my home are a part of my family. Each week I’m able to acquire coupons that will help me save money on dog food and cat food and cat litter. In addition to some of the other items that I purchase weekly.  The Publix weekly ads are always full of great specials and sometimes they include pet supplies and food, but I am real happy that they decided to get a special section for pets.

I understand that Publix is amazing and their incredible efforts to make sure that each and every week the Publix weekly ads give us some of the finer specials around, but it is nice to see this pet section on their home page.  We are able to download coupons rewards for pets which are great part of our family and I simply love the fact that they have catered to that part of our lives.  Another reason why it is truly a pleasure to shop at this fine supermarket.

I recently lost one of my Golden Retrievers at the age of 10.  She was born in my home 10 years ago and was very special to every member of my family.  I brought her home from the vet, the main reason was that she was not in much pain, and I did not want her to die in a cage or metal table at the vet office.  I took her home and she passed away almost a week later, but it was a pleasure to have her die at home, where she was born some 10 years earlier.  Over the years I could not have cared for her and fed her without having a supermarket like Publix that cared enough for its consumers to provide us with both some of the best brands in pet food and even some generic stuff for the times when money was tight and tough to come by.  For this and the many, many things that they represent. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I dedicate this page to my dearest dog and friend Butterfly, long will be the days and nights that have me gazing into the pool with hopes of watching you swim in it.  Who says that dogs don’t feel hurt and pain.  Her mother Corgy, still two weeks later, cries from time to time and looks for her throughout the home.  That is also painful to see, but if nothing else it reminds us to care and love our pets, because they feel what we feel and I am so glad that this great supermarket chain cares as well.  If you have a nice pet story and would like to share it with the world, send it to me.  Thanks.

2011 New Policies For The Publix Coupon!

There are new techniques for coupons everywhere that have coupons like the Publix coupon coming from different sources and having the same savings cost effects. With each and every supermarket company struggling for sales dollars, one thing is certain, they are looking for potential customers everywhere.  All of these companies need to sell, sell, sell!  One way to make sure that all of these consumers are getting the most out of their dollars is to use coupons, as many of them as you can possibly get into one grocery shopping list.  To get started I am rewarding you with a special group of coupons to get your next grocery bill into savings mode.  Get your free online printable coupons right here!

What are some creative ways to save money at Publix without an actual Publix coupon? Well did you know that this year consumers everywhere are given more liberty with coupons than ever before, and it does not stop with Publix, Winn Dixie, Kroger’s, or even Target.  No there are more companies than ever out there that are willing to take the competition’s printable coupon.  That is correct the other companies will allow you to use coupons from other companies just so that they can get your business.  What about that?

Some of those companies are companies like Walmart, BJ’s wholesale club and yes Costco. I recently went shopping at Publix, the place that I always call home when shopping for groceries.  I used the Winn Dixie $5.00 off coupon at Publix.  I could not believe the liberty that this gives me, you can now get products in specific stores with other retail store coupons.  This opens it all up for me.  No longer am I strapped with one companies coupon, or with one companies products.  Now I can roam and find the best prices available and then use the competitions coupons on those items.  I cannot believe how grand this actually is.  This makes the consumer feel so important, because of this extension and struggle for consumer dollars, the consumer wins all of the time. So if you enjoy shopping in Publix like I do, and you do not have any Publix coupons, do not worry, because they will take the competitions coupons too.  For a more detailed outlook on which coupons each of these companies listed take, visit the customer service desk and just ask.  You will be surprised at just how many of these coupons are good and interchangeable.  If you do not have any coupons for your next shopping spree, do not worry.  I am about to provide you some of the best free online printable coupons on the market, all for your shopping pleasure.