Publix Weekly Ads Save You Money

How spectacular are the Publix weekly ads? Even during tough economic times people will always have necessities that they can’t afford to not spend money on, hopefully food and groceries will not be one of those things. Everyone has to have food on the table right? I have a family of 6 and I can tell you the mix between variety and affordable quantity does get challenging from time to time.  But with grocery stores like Publix, Winn Dixie, Kroger’s, Target Super Centers and many more, every little savings helps.  We all need coupons whether they are online printable coupons or the mailed to my home in the mail kind, I take and use them all. I also take pride in doing the research and finding the coupons that you can get the most of.  The coupons that are easy to find, and good to use.  Coupons coupled with the Publix Weekly ads, gives you just the right savings all of the time.  Sample my printable coupons right here and start saving today!  See how easy it really is.

If you do this, know that many people resort to clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or whatever other mailings they get from local retailers and grocery stores to save a few bucks here and there, most of the time the weekly ads have immense savings as well. While it seems like a great way to save in theory, it can always be better when coupled with coupons.  This form of savings should always actually save you money, but balancing a home and the people in it can get tricky from time to time.  That is why I check all of the supermarkets in my area, and counter the coupons with who ever has the best deals that I am looking for that week.  Below see a list of the top 5 weekly ads in my opinion, If you believe that I left someone off of the list that should be on send me a comment and I will include it on the next coupon update for the winter.

  1. Publix Weekly Ad ( My personal favorite)
  2. Winn Dixie Weekly Ad (Also very good)
  3. Kroger’s Weekly Ad
  4. Piggly Wiggly Weekly Ad
  5. BJ’s Wholesale Monthly Ad

Publix Coupons Versus Winn Dixie Coupons!

In my opinion the Publix coupon, and all of their weekly ad specials  are the single best option for online coupon seekers on the Internet.  What is  available for consumers here are some of the best prices around that any of the giant supermarket chains to include; Winn Dixie, Krogers, Albertson’s, X-TRA Supermarkets, Targets, and Walmart Superstores can offer and match.  You can begin getting your online coupons from the best company out there right here! Check these printable online coupons out!

These coupons are good for use with any of the major leading supermarket chains available in your neck of the woods.  So let’s compare the Publix coupon with the rewards program that Winn Dixie coupons and programs offers.  Not to mention they also have the Winn Dixie weekly ad program which is highly competitive with just about any other program, and is very similar in nature to the Publix weekly ads .

The Winn Dixie rewards program appears to be the better program, and the main reason is that now they reward their customers for using the card and buying their groceries at Winn Dixie with something that the public so desperately needs, a reduced fuel rate!  Their reward cards offer customers a reduced rate at the old gas pump, a savings in gasoline is just what many of these loyal customers want and need. This has peaked a recent interest for the those loyal customers to Winn Dixie, and gives them a reward that they really can use.  These programs cater to different people, as you can see and although not all of the customers drive, one thing is for certain, they all need to eat and they have plenty of reductions to the quality food that this supermarket sell, in addition to plenty of buy one get one free deals.

The Publix rewards program on the other hand is not something that you need a card for, and features many buy one get one free articles that are released in their Publix weekly ads.  They also have the Publix Baby Club program which helps out expecting mothers with many discounted products from milk, pampers, to baby food.   Also no card necessary, but you do need to fill out the first time application, which is brief and simple to fill out.  Also simple to get are these online printable coupons!