Use Your Publix Coupon

Recently I received my $5.00 Publix coupon in the mail. The coupon came camouflaged in a recipe mini book, and on the last page was the great coupon. The $5.00 coupon was for the purchase of any items totaling $30.00 or more. It could not have come at a better time, I was already starting to ask myself when I would see the next coupon from Publix in a mailing. It had been a while since I had received a mailing from this great supermarket.

The booklet came with about 5 good recipes including one for baked Chicken Ziti, which I have used before, it is an incredible mouth watering dish. The coupon booklet also had good coupons for detergents and softeners alike. In addition to this you could of course sign up for the baby club coupons, if you are expecting a baby and receive a wonderful assortment of coupons and specials for a good portion of the latter part of the pregnancy and delivery of your child. The Publix coupons have great value, and save you plenty of money. There are a few reward programs that some of the other supermarkets have like Winn Dixie has the reward savings club, but for me Publix is the best supermarket for my money. The professionalism that the supermarket chain displays is above all else, bar none.

The newly Publix Sabor stores that have spurted open in the South Florida area in the last three years or so are incredible and offer plenty of variety for those that live in the areas, dedicating parts of the stores to the cultural foods that those areas and their people consume. This supermarket accepts all manufacturer coupons as well, in addition to any coupons that are to be used in conjunction with the Publix coupon for great savings at your local supermarket. Shop smart and use coupons for added savings.

Use The Publix Coupon On Everything

You can use the Publix coupon on your purchases which include anything in the store. The most famous of these in store coupons is the $10.00 on any purchase over $50.00. This is the one that I hawk every time I search the newspaper or local listings.

I shop plenty and in my town there are many different supermarkets from which to choose from. I try do a pretty good job jumping from specials to specials but nothing beats the Publix coupon! In fact none of the local markets in my area even come close, bar none. There are some pretty formidable names too. Winn Dixie for one, Albertson’s is another, Sedanos supermarket which is a Spanish supermarket that run good sales and specials, but when I have to decide where do I want to go for quality, quantity, and the over all joyous experience for shopping, you know the one I pick. There are a variety of in store Publix coupons available everyday, and there more buy one get one free here than in any other restaurant. Believe me I have checked and there is no doubt out there.

Real COUPONS: Print them from your computer.

I can’t tell you where to shop, but chances are that if you landed on this page, then you already know what a pleasure it is to shop here. This is the only place I will go to for my groceries. My household runs through groceries like they run the water while brushing their teeth. So I need to save as much money as possible to enjoy the other things is in life, beginning with my family. So if you need to save money, and need a fantastic atmosphere in which to do your shopping in, then look no longer. Publix supermarkets is the place, and the Publix coupon is the saver.

Welcome To The Publix Coupon Site!

Welcome to the Publix coupon site! Where shopping is a pleasure, and savings are a given.  As you can see, I am enamored with the great supermarket Publix.  I love this grocery store so much, that I will only shop here, unless I am on vacation and have absolutely no choice.  Whether I am shopping here or not, I always make sure that I have enough coupons with me to get the optimum savings for my money.  Online coupons are a must for me, because quite frankly, I just do not see enough of them come through the mail anymore.  If you need some online coupons then you have come to the right place.  The quality of these coupons you will quickly see, are better than most of the coupons available to you via the Internet.  See for yourself!

Now the coupon above is a sample of what you can expect from Publix, and like other companies that promise much and deliver little, you can rest assured that this will not be the case with them. They treat their customers like gold, and after all we are!  It feels good in today’s economy to get a little relief at the old grocery store register, and no one does it better then this giant supermarket chain.  Once you get on the mailing list for this chain of supermarkets, you can expect to get a Publix coupon in the mail, similar to the one above.  It will save you $5.00 for your purchase of $50.00, that is a whopping 10% discount.

For any even larger discount, if you or any of your family members are expecting a baby, then the best program out there for expecting parents to help them save money on items like, Pampers, Milk, Similac, and baby food is the Publix Baby Club program.  This is something that I would subscribe to right away.  Online coupons are available for many different everyday household items, and you can start to get your share right here!